Deer hunts - $500

Velvet deer hunts in North Dakota and rut hunts in ND/ MN.. South Texas is also on the table

Velvet season is typically the first week of September and is Archery only. Bucks will be in bachelor groups, daylighting consistently and will hold their velvet until the 7th-10th. I do offer hunts AFTER these dates as well.. just ask about availability. $1250 no lodging. $1500 w/ lodging. You are responsible for your meals. 50% due upon booking.

Minnesota is muzzleloader, straight wall, slug or archery. $1250 no lodging, $1500 with lodging. 50% due upon booking.

South Texas I have very limited dates available.. $1250 no lodging. $1500 with lodging. This could be a hunt done by whichever season you prefer. Hogs, predators and exotics all included in price. No extras.

All hunts are 5 full days and I can take three hunters per slot. I can handle much more but I would prefer to limit pressure on the properties.

If you tag out early in ND and aren’t ready to go home yet we can also knock some ducks and geese down. If you haven’t ever waterfowl hunted in ND it’s definitely something you absolutely have to try.

If you hunt south Texas we’ll switch it over to pigs.

Expectations: I have had people harvest a few 160’s but I would say mid 140’s- low 150’s is about average. Some very pretty 130’s mixed in as well.

I do have pictures and videos available but I will only be posting one for attention so that A) nobody steals them for their own posts. (Happens way more often than you would think)
B) My post doesn’t get removed because CL can be sensitive sometimes

My email will be attached to this ad and I check it religiously.

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