Mangalitsa Purebred Swallowbelly (black/white) Proven Boar For Sale - $1,000 (Park Rapids)

Purebred Swallowbelly (black and white) Mangalitsa Boar For Sale
This guy is proven to produce nice healthy litters of approx 8-12 piglets
His name is Wilbur & he is 3 1/2 years old & the sweetest guy ever, when he has gotten out of his fence, he just wanders around & greets everyone - then at feeding time grab a bucket of feed & he'll follow you right back in the pen
Our only reason for selling him is we got a new boar with fresh bloodlines so we can breed the next generation of gilts

Hardy and Adaptable in Most Climates:
• born outside with a shelter
• never used a heat lamp
• no assistance on birthing needed
• raised outdoors in the sun and mud so they are very hearty
• they do great in our cold climate
• this breed is known for their excellent foraging abilities
• easy to keep
• minimal fencing – we use double strand electric fence
• have a unique wooly coat – some can look like sheep
• ideal for pasture-raised pork

Group Raised from Birth to Weaning:
• raised in family setting, 2 sows with their little ones, our boar (who is super friendly and loves people and the babies!)
• the mamas have incredible mothering abilities and instincts
• average of 6-11 babies twice a year
• pasture/forest raised with garden produce, some raw milk, hay and non-GMO grain
• no antibiotics – no vaccines

Gentle and Friendly:
• calm, friendly, docile and tame temperament
• raised around our kids, dogs and other farm life chaos
• this breed is very social and nice to people
• easy to handle compared to many other breeds

Heritage Breed:
• Mangalitsa are considered the most genetically unaltered pig breed in the world
• not just a heritage breed, they are a super heritage breed and there is nothing else like them
• originated in Hungary
• were developed in the 19th Century by crossbreeding Hungarian breeds with the European wild boar
• slower growing
• because they were crossbred with the wild boar, they can survive in the wild completely off of foraging and rooting

Delicious Pork:
• considered a lard pig
• dark-reddish meat (like beef)
• highly marbled with creamy white fat
• high in omega-3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants
• lard is lighter and melts at a lower temperature than lard from other pigs - because it contains more unsaturated fat – the lard is as good as butter
• super flavorful pork
• world renown around the world by famous chefs – Kobe Beef of Pork

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